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Social media is about building trust via the creation of authentic and memorable organic engagements. It is not an advertising campaign or marketing expense, but rather an operating cost of doing business. We empower enterprises in making this possible via the implementation of long term strategies, identifying training gaps, utilizing our networking expertise and social accelerator technologies.

We listen A LOT and then directly/indirectly engage, create curiosity, intrigue, at times surprise people (we call it our serendipity effect), but most of all, we generate social impressions, stimulate conversations, and build businesses via relationships.

Although we will naturally increase your followers, we care more about how many conversations we can generate.  We used to obsess over growing a following base, but once we hit an internal ratio of making one new friend every 15 seconds, we figured it was time to really focus on what makes businesses grow, conversations

Social impressions and conversations are key.  Everything we do is pretty much custom to your brand. Stuck with compliance issues?  We understand your restrictions.  We tailor solutions that fit your brand. Yes, we have worked with the tightest compliance issues out there already, which is tough, yes, but not impossible.  

We care to bring more value to the table than our closest competitor, and would love to show you how.  We have a comprehensive, strategic model and collaborative tactical tools that, we can hit the ground running with.  Nonetheless, similar to the difference between an off-rack and bespoke suit, we customize each solution.  After all, social media is about being social, and everyone is very different.  Each client/brand has a unique audience that is engaged quite differently.  The devil is in the details when it comes to creating memorable connections with your prospective target audience. Social selling?  No problem! We use a number of different platforms and find the perfect blend of our algorithms and human capital that best fits your brand's needs and budget.  

Social media is more right brain, not left brain.  Feel us?  We certainly hope so.  

We think differently, not hipster different.  

Time, not money, is the ultimate resource.  It is finite and precious. Make your time count.  Make it count with us.

Welcome to our network, our world, and yes, we are obsessed with honey bees and making the world a better, kinder place. 

Welcome to BHive Social Labs.

Guiding Principles

1. We Collaborate. Together, we can do more. 2. We Share. Think Game Theory: Prisoners' Dilemma 3. No BS. 

Our Virtues

Curiosity, Courage, Humility, Unpretentiousness, Compassion, Honesty and Patience.

Our Culture

Business savvy, intuitive, brilliant and even socially awkward that know their way around a poker table and networking room.


Bringing the Social Back To Social Media