We are finally starting to see a shift in advertising dollars.  This is a topic that we have been advocating for some time now.  Our products are designed to not only break market segments for our clients but also position them as the influencer within their industries.  Social media is long-term investment.  One that should be discussed directly with the CFO. Social in a nutshell is an administrative cost, not a marketing expense.  
- Rod Ponce, CIO

The BHIVE Channel Partnership Program is designed to increase the organic viewership of specified landing page via a social media distribution network to reach more people in different micro-segments. Our internal studies show an increase of interest and viewership when content is distributed via multiple micro segments.

Our program focuses on changing how content from advertisers and publishers is delivered and consumed by users. Online users treat pop-ups and banner ads the same way as ads in reality. They serve as low priority viewing because they aren’t the reason why the “user” is visiting the “site”.

The BHIVE Channel Partnership Program was designed with the launch of our own news channels and is ready for a select number of digital publishers to take advantage of.  Although in beta mode, we will invite a number of digital publishers to partake in our program and see how this works for themselves. We look forward in receiving your application and working with you.