Prospect follow-up needs to be performed with care to avoid alienating potential buyers. Here are five social selling techniques that build trust.

Following up with prospects has always been part of the sales process. And like most aspects of selling, there are effective and not-so-effective ways to go about it. A considerate follow-up can move you closer to a sale. Then there are the “just checking in” type of follow-ups that come off as careless. These (typically rushed) follow-ups tend to cause setbacks, or worse, complete halts.

To help you follow-up in a way that builds trust and moves deals forward, here are five tactics that work in the social selling era.

This is an unfortunate reality in the digital advertising industry today.  This is a topic that doesn't receive that much attention since it places both Google and Facebook at the center of the spotlight. This is something that we as a company have stopped recommending to our clients.  Below we have listed a series of issues that lie within this pandemic fraud that so inherently exists within our digital community.  

We are finally starting to see a shift in advertising dollars.  This is a topic that we have been advocating for some time now.  Our products are designed to not only break market segments for our clients but also position them as the influencer within their industries.  Social media is long-term investment.  One that should be discussed directly with the CFO. Social in a nutshell is an administrative cost, not a marketing expense.  
- Rod Ponce, CIO