Useful Statistics on Social Media Today [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media is the future of marketing. 85% of businesses who partake in social media have reported an increase in market exposure and yet 30% of businesses do not utilize social media fully because they lack professional employees in the field. To employ social media proactively requires skillful use of information but also an acute awareness in appropriately applying said information. For example, Tweets with 100 characters receive higher engagement rates than longer Tweets, and most information traffic occurs between 1pm to 4pm EST. The infographic below details many aspects of the social media arena that would be helpful to businesses, clients, and consumers in general.

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The Power of Positive Tweets

What's the value of a tweet? A lot according to a study conducted by Deloitte that concluded positive Tweets by brands were four times as effective as non-Twitter advertising for driving sales.

Image from: careerrocketeer.comThe study titled 'Tweets for Sales: Gaming', looked at the impact Tweet response had on the sales of 100 best-selling Xbox and PlayStation 3 video game titles of 2012 in the UK. It was found that Electronic Arts (EA) Games received over 500, 000 mentions and a 29 per cent engagement rate during its launch of the "Fifa 13", its most popular football game. How'd they do it? They planned in advance. Before a big match like the Manchester City and Manchester United derby, EA began building the relationship between the fan and the game through its fantasy team of the week via Twitter thus driving engagement and ultimately increasing sales of its game packs.

Another one of EA's biggest successes was the celebration of Lionel Messi scoring for the 86th time in 2012, in turn breaking Gerd Mueller's 40-year-old record for most goals in a year. Launching a giveaway using the #86messi hashtag, EA was mentioned more than 50,000 times.


Twitter vs. CNN

cnn vs twitter article image

Is Twitter a threat to CNN? Last week, He's smart to be afraid.

CNN President Jeff Zucker, was quoted as saying "Twitter is a frenemy" and "the network uses, relies on, and is scared by, social media."When key moments of the Boston marathon explosion unfolded, millions flocked to, not their televisions, but their smart phones and laptops, for updates. When the suspects were cornered on a quiet, residential street, it was a resident, not a journalist, who documented and shared the events from his upstairs window via Twitter and Skype. And it was Twitter, not a news station or even a press release that announced the end of the manhunt after the second suspect was found hiding in a boat.


Twitter for Real Estate and Financial Service Professionals

Real estate news talk is daunting: “GTA house prices continue to climb”. “The number of Canadians expecting to buy a home within two years has dropped dramatically”. “Competition is unrelenting among buyers for too few properties for sale”. “Selling real estate has never been harder”. Toronto has seen housing prices reach the stratosphere over the past ten years thanks to low interest rates, a trend Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has attempted to check by tightening mortgage lending rules, beginning four years ago. Additionally, a surge in the supply of new condominium projects has contributed to a chilling effect on the city’s highrise housing sector since summer 2012—while there’s been no let-up in demand for lowrise houses.

What’s a real estate professional to do? Simple: ramp up their game.


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