Is Social Media Being Neglected By Businesses?

Business communications heavyweight Ragan Communications has teamed up with NASDAQ OMX Corporate Solutions to produce a white paper that unpacks the current social media setups of more than 2,700 businesses and organizations. In “Structuring a Social Media Team” Ragan discovered that as little as 27 per cent of businesses currently have a dedicated social media communicator or team.



The Conversion Rate: Death by SEO and Social Media

It turns out that common strategies, like putting extra effort into search engine optimization and social media campaigns, may spell the death of your site’s conversion rate. If you want site visitors to interact with your web page and become leads, you’d best ignore standard wisdom and employ a few targeted tactics that, while perhaps not raising your unique hit count, will amp up your conversion rate. Once your conversion rate is at the level you want it to be, it’s safe to fall back on social media and SEO.

“Conversion Rate” is an online marketing term that means, quite simply, the number of people who take a desirable and measurable action, such as contacting you or signing up for a newsletter, as a result of visiting your website. Before you spend more money on advertising and marketing, consider reframing your site from the reference point of this key measurement, turning visitors into clients, and clients into loyal repeat customers.



Growing Business One Tweet at a Time

One of the Internet’s fastest-growing social networks is good for more than just casual socializing--strategic use of Twitter can help businesses grow their brand and online presence, turning a steady following into a loyal clientele. Tweets alone won’t suffice in these endeavours, however; rather, a well-planned approach, careful monitoring, and thorough research together can push a company in the right direction.

The business benefits of Twitter are many: it’s instantaneous, versatile, cost-effective and global in scope. It’s a great way to spot trends and competition, and find top influencers who may be willing to help promote your brand--or, at the very least, serve as an example of the do’s of the Twitterverse. And ultimately, it can’t be beat for networking. But before you embark on a Twitter marketing campaign, consider a few key actions:


Paid Search is Dying

For those in the business and marketing world, “PPC is dying” is a statement being made ad nauseum by every blogger out there.

Those who aren’t marketing aficionados may not even be aware of what “PPC” means - and probably aren’t sure why they should care.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, also known as cost-per-click advertising, is a model of online advertising that has been used since 2002. The PPC model allows businesses to pay for ad space online based on how many users click on the ads. The reasoning? The more people click on your ads, the more revenue you will gain. Right?



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