"Social Selling is about building relationships ... not just pipelines. Above all, treat people with respect -- just as you would your friends and family members. Use social technologies to facilitate real human interaction, not avoid it. Remember, social media connects you with people, not faceless targets or records in a database. Share your expertise without expecting anything in return. Help first & sell later. Giving builds trust. Be clear and upfront that you sell something for a living. Sell value. Sell something that enriches lives and customers will find you. A one-way stream of message is not selling, it's yelling. Respect people's boundaries. Be Human; admit when you have messed up & do what is necessary to make right. Connect with others for the greater good, not just your own benefit. Tell the truth."

Small quote we took from a sales performance website which encapsulates the spirit of social selling.

If you’ve spent any amount of time on Twitter, you’ve likely received a TrueTwit validation direct message. It says something like “Nelly Nameless uses TrueTwit validation service. Please validate your account.”

If you think this practice is okay, you need a Twitter direct message refresher. And when you’re done reading THAT, we’ll tell you why this “harmless annoyance” (aka TrueTwit) is anything but.


In case you’re never clicked one of these links (and you’d be smart NOT to as most spammy DM links do little more than compromise your account), here’s what happens when you try to “validate” your account: