3 Reasons Why Facebook Sucks for Businesses (Video)

Since the inception of BHIVE, we have been testing a number of different social media outlets. We must report that Facebook is the least favourite for any business looking to connect and engage with their target audience. If you are considering using Facebook for your business, here are three reasons why you should reconsider:

1. Facebook double dings you. First to grow your page and then again to "boost" your message to those you already paid to "like" your page.

2. Little or no engagement. If you are looking to engage people on Facebook, you have to trust Facebook's targeting methods, which you don't know who will see your ad.

3. Chances are the Facebook runs a like farm of their own to justify your investment. I mean, if you look at who is liking you, they are no different than the ones you can buy from "Buy Facebook Like" type websites. Do we have proof? The videos below makes some pretty strong suggestions to that same fact. Facebook fraud? Maybe, but we couldn't say that and risk a lawsuit now. #lol

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#Crowdfunding 101: Expanding your social media footprint and building your community before you launch. #equitycrowdfunding

Announcement Sept 2014: BHIVE will be launching a crowdfunding campaign of our very own soon, but we need your help! Click here to and sign up to receive more information about our upcoming campaign.

Crowdfunding, or crowd-sourced fundraising, exploded in 2013 and continues to grow in popularity in 2014. Start-up financing has evolved from approaching investors to generating a supportive and generous community of peers. Embracing this method of raising funds as part of your business growth strategy can catapult you to the success you've been striving for, but don't think of creating a crowdfunding campaign without social media support. Having a social presence is integral to gaining the support you need for your crowdfunding campaign.

Social media is popular because people want to feel closer to the brands they use. Understanding this, as a business owner, you should view social media as a way of doing business rather than just a way to mingle. Growing your online communities to spread brand awareness, connect with consumers and other entrepreneurs, share ideas and information as well as engage in meaningful conversation helps to build trust and credibility.

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The Future of Advertising. #ads #marketing

Ads no longer connect with clients the way social media does. The fact that you are reading this is testament.
This is the new billboard.

Please stop wasting precious ad/marketing budgets on promotional stupidities that end up in the trash.
Recently I came across these cute calendar magnets on the floor below our mailboxes. What a waste!

Would a magnet calendar with a pretty girl have you jump for the next dental appointment? Or a bill board for that matter? Some may argue that it would? But really, do you think so? I blame the owner of the company, not the office manager. Old school way of thinking. Just doesn't make sense. But I will argue, that the market eventually does correct itself and so will it correct the minds of people who are foolishly spending their precious ad dollars.

My message to them: You are throwing money in the garbage and sooner or later you will figure it out.

Here is an interesting article cyberbuzz, which compares the ROI (Return On Investment) of a Times Square Billboard ad and a Twitter account for our more business saavy readers.

If you are an entrepreneur, run a business (small or large), or if business development/pr are part of your responsibilities, I hear BHive.ca helps companies and individuals connect with people directly.

Spread the word. #saveyouraddollars #advertisingisdead

Rising Use of Social Media in #Healthcare

The Healthcare industry is finally starting to embrace social media. Consumers are now, more than ever before, turning to Facebook, Twitter, and blogs to research medical information, share symptoms, and share reviews on doctors and medical devices. View the infographic below for a breakdown of how healthcare patients are using social media in more detail.

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