Just in case you missed our post on Facebook, Linkedin and/or Instagram page, we have put together a short clip that talks about how we can help you.  In fact we can help out in other ways, but feel that from our past work these have been pretty busy areas for our lab.  If the embedded video does not display properly on your mobile phone, feel free to watch the clip by clicking here.


What better way to start the year than by looking at where digital ad spends are going in the next five years.  Here at BHIVE we are always building innovative ways to build traffic and leads for our clients.   We will be annoucing the launch of our unique digital content distribution system shortly.  If you are a digital publisher, this is our invitiation for you to contact us.  

Happy New Year everyone!  Rod Ponce, Chief Bee

Dollars are increasingly flowing from traditional ads to digital, as strong growth in mobile, video, and social spending continue to change the face of the US media market.

Over the next five years, marketers will especially embrace mobile. Mobile will drive up spending on video, search, display, and social, and propel the migration of ad dollars away from traditional media, including newspapers and magazines.

In this new report, BI Intelligence forecasts spending trends for the major digital ad formats — including search, display, and video — and mobile versus desktop. We also examine trajectories for social ad spending and programmatic ad buying, which cut across digital formats. Finally, we look at how spending on traditional media formats will grow or contract over the next five years, as digital, and particularly mobile, rises.

In the years that we have been assisting individuals and companies grow their social footprints; we have discovered, that success in social media lies with understanding the foundations behind authentic human connections.  The true power of social media is correlated with our clients' ability to leverage and develop empathy within their organizations. Empathy, is the key behind creating memorable connections, which drives authentic relationships and grows businesses.  

"Empathy is not merely understanding someone else's feelings, empathy is actually experiencing someone else's feelings, as a way of arriving at an agreement."

Ad agencies are great at analyzing, researching, and while the good ones are great at entertaining us, let's face it social media ads and ads in general are a waste of time.  When can you say you enjoyed watching or listening to an ad.  Be honest.  Social media platforms, unfortunately have adopted these antiquated ad models for revenue purposes, but what fascilitates human connections are not ads, but rather individual connections.  Not overzealous social media brand managers, but real people, behind real brands.  Pretentious brands are a thing of the past or will be very soon. This, we believe is what differentiates individuals/companies who successfully adopt social media into their organizations versus agency misadvised ones; who are still betting valuable marketing dollars that their next "blockbuster, on budget, and over produced feel good production" will go viral.  Common now, wake up.  Stay focused, when individuals* connect, businesses prosper. - Rod Ponce, Chief Innovation Officer, BHIVE Labs

Brene Brown studies human connection -- our ability to empathize, belong, love. In a poignant, funny talk at TEDxHouston, she shares a deep insight from her research, one that sent her on a personal quest to know herself as well as to understand humanity. A talk to share.  A philosophy we apply within our own social media practice.  

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