Why should you be using social media for business? It’s simple. In today’s economy, relationships are more important than ever. Social media has become a successful medium for businesses to build relationships, in turn establishing rapport and trust with their audiences.

Why should you hire BHIVE to improve your social media efforts?

We have three reasons:

1. Networking


A countless number of resources will confirm the fact that the key in any business, whether large or small, is networking. Establishing new connections is imperative to finding new clients, improving your business visibility, and advancing your career. In the past decade, social media has revolutionized the way we network. If you would like some social proof, how did you come across this blog entry and what makes you think we can’t do this same service for you? Hire us.

2. Time is more precious than money

It is no secret, unless you are a vampire that our time here is finite and precious. Although there are many ways to see what your time is worth, we like to use a simple formula. Let’s assume you work 30 hours a week for 48 weeks in a month. (30 hrs/week x 48 week = 1440 hours/year) Now divide what you made last year by 1440. The resulting number will give you a very rough estimation of what your time is worth professionally. For example, let’s say you made $50K last year. When you divide $50K/1440, you get $34.72.

We all know your time is worth more than whatever you calculate, but when you look at what we do here at BHIVE and consider the value of our services, you will see why we believe everyone with a professional agenda should be our client. Our starter package starts at $200/month or $50/week. Depending on who you would like to network with, we calculate that, within a month, we will reach/touch/introduce you to 200-375 people per week or 1000 - 1500 people per month. While most of the introductions may not result in direct business, we are broadening your probability of successfully meeting your ideal client and welcoming them into your professional network circle. Ask yourself, how long would it take you to introduce yourself to, let’s say, 50 people at a networking event? For the most part, the exchange will be quick, but every now and then you will meet someone whom you engage with a little more than others.

Question is why not try it with us? We are good at this, hence why we are saying that your investment will broaden your professional horizons. We offer a complete turnkey solution, and we don’t have any direct competitors that offer the same breadth of service. Ask around. In any case, your time is valuable, we would love to network for you on your behalf. Hire us.

3. Mobile screen is the first screen

Unless you have been on another planet, in the Amazon jungle, or have no data plan, it’s hard not to notice that people continually look at their smartphones. Look up from your own screen and survey this on any bus, at any event, or anywhere you are right now. The mobile phone screen is the most valuable space for any marketer/advertiser. We help you reach your audience through this space. While everyone is looking at their own devices, human to human relations still dominate. We just create them differently - through social media. If you are not reaching out to your clients, leads, investors, prospects or partners on a daily basis, someone else is. Don’t let that happen to you. Hire us.