Are you a senior executive? Are you looking to network with other senior executives, market yourself, your team and brand? If you are reading this, you have been invited to participate and take part in our #SaveTheBees Founders Club to gain access to:  Build your professional network in your local city, to your very own target audience.  You also access, our large network and help us raise awareness of the bee crisis.  Yes, we love bees and you should too!

Founding Member benefits:

1. Twitter Concierge Services – We go out there find and introduce you to other people with similar interests and/or potential clients using Twitter. Our Concierge services is an integral part of our Audience Strategy as described in our approach and will save you hundreds of hours over the course of your membership. So if meeting new people is part of your business model, then this has been tailored for you. Below is a peek at a confidence interval we have recorded in our network and clients.


2. Content Curation Services – We save you time! You tell us your favourite blogs and news sources and we tweet them for you! This not only keeps your own community engaged but also makes you a news source and a respected leader in your industry. All we ask if that you engage in great discussions with those within your growing community and establish relationships with them. Yes, this is what takes time with social. Relationships first, business later. (Below is a sample tweet which we have curated and shared within our network.)

3. Sharing Tweets - Sharing is caring! Share some of your tweets among our future members and our network! This feature will vastly increase your exposure to new relationships within our network, whether you select regional, national or international. (Of course, if you could afford a larger network, more people will see your tweets.) Below is a screenshot from SproutSocial reporting on the number of interactions and impressions for our Mercado Magazine twitter account which is a part of our international network.

4. Lifetime fixed membership fee. NO changes to the membership level you select for as long as we are around.

5. Twitter content and moderation strategy support services. Have an idea you want to bounce off one of us? We are here to assist as best as we can!

6. #SaveTheBees Help us raise awareness of a very serious and current issue. Over the last five years we have lost over one-third of our honey bee colonies nationwide due to pesticides and other factors such as viruses. Help us in our mission to keep bees buzzing by signing up as a #SaveTheBees Founding Member and bear a small badge on your twitter profile page. Our badge above will identify you as a member and help us raise awareness of the Bee Crisis.

Membership FAQ:

1. What is the membership fee?
Depending on the membership/network you select, the initial monthly fee is your membership fee. The membership fee is non-refundable. Only if your application is denied will a refund be issued and/or offered a trial membership.

2. Why is there a membership fee?
This fee will also enable us to procure our described member features to your twitter account, which are on going month to month.

3. What is the value of joining the network?
Joining our network means we will be able to share some of your tweets with other members in the network. It is important to select the right network for you. If you choose regional, then you will share other tweets from other members in your region as well as others who are part of the national and international network. More importantly, Twitter beats its competitors (Facebook/LinkedIn) 9 to 1 in Business to Business leads.

4. Who selects what tweets will be shared?
We select which Tweets will be shared. This ensures that we keep shared tweets relevant to other members and vice versa. We encourage members of the network to engage with one another as well as with others that we will bring to your own network.

5. What content will be shared?
We curate content from 3 - 5 of your favourite news websites, so please send us only your favourite links. We choose what content will be shared within the network. All network accounts share information from BHIVE and MERCADO Magazine. We strongly encourage you to tweet and engage with your audience. Other than shared content from your favourite websites and other members of the network, we highly encourage you to tweet additional content of your own. While we give everyone who joins your page a welcome note, you are responsible to further conversations.

6. I don't know what I am doing on Twitter and need some help!
We’re are happy to provide additional assistance via the phone. For an additional monthly fee we will moderate all conversations for you if you like, but we strongly encourage all of our clients and members to do this for their own twitter accounts.

7. What is the term of the membership?
Term of the membership is up to you. There is no set term, only a 30 day notice, so we can update our billing system and remove you from our network.

8. How long does it take to grow to 1500 followers?
Typically, this takes about 7-16 months. This depends on who we are socializing you with as well as the size of the larger community in your industry, region and/or community. We believe in organic growth and this takes time, so please be patient. If you are looking to see how long it will take for you to make money, ask yourself, how long does it take to build a business? Twitter is an exceptional tool to meet people, but meeting people does not guarantee business. We are here to offer advice and support for our new members.

9. What are the fees and how are payments made? Cancellations?
All payments are done through PayPal. Late payments are subject to a reactivation fee of $20 for up to one month. After which you will lose your membership in our network.

10. What is the difference between Canada and US billing?
Since we are based in Canada, Canadian clients are subject to additional taxes (HST) and funds are in CAD dollars. US and international clients are not subject to taxes and all funds are in USD.

11. Why do we need to have our profile branded?
All new network accounts are branded with a small bee on your profile image. No exceptions. This bee is to bring awareness to others that you are part of our network but also bring awareness to the bee crisis. Help us save the bees from organizations whose misuse of pesticides is decreasing the very same bees who pollinate our plants. We keep our rates very reasonable because we want others to know about this. If a profile bee is removed, the account will also be suspended and may be subject to reactivation fees and/or eventually loss of membership. Help us bring awareness to the bee crisis and grow your own network while being a part of a greater network. If you do not want to bear the badge please click here as we do have many other client options.

12. How big is this network and how many members will you be accepting?
This promotion is only good for the first 100 individuals/companies. We may increase this network in the future, but at this point we only want to start with 100 new members. First come, first serve. Our own international network of bloggers as a combined audience is approximately 300K+ and growing.

13. What is #SaveTheBees? Is an actual hashtag used on twitter that is attached to articles, discussions and messages surrounding the current bee crisis. We want you to be part of those conversations on and off twitter. Take 2 minutes and watch this trailer. Even if you can not join our #SaveTheBees Founders Club at this point in time please lend your name to the Green Peace Save The Bees petition here. Please educate yourself on the topic, become an ambassador to the cause and write a letter of concern to your PM, president, senator, mp, congressman and municipal leaders. Together we have a stronger voice and our bees need us more than ever.



What some of our clients are saying:

"I've been working with BHIVE for a number of months to help grow my business. In that time BHIVE has provided a very high level of service and has always had my business' best interest at heart. I would highly recommend BHIVE to anyone who wants top notch social media help!"

Christine Cowern, Realtor @christinecowern

"Twitter and I had a love/hate relationship. I definitely did not see the value in it when it came to my business. Nearly 3000 REAL followers later, it has greatly expanded my reach, my clout, and my brand. Thanks BHIVE! I get it now. Save the bees!"

Laurel Richards, MBA @laurelrichards

"BHIVE recently presented a Social Media Clinic at the Spoke Club in Toronto. It was fabulous! Clear, concise & to the point. And, with usable information - which is the most important point of all of this social media info. I have read many 'social media' info & frankly those studies come up short. On a gut level they lack in frank usable information and support. Would recommend them to anyone!"

Dolores Pian, IDC Member @spacesdolores

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