Interesting article posted by John Greathouse from Forbes this past week about the cost of a fake following in social media is about $6800. We strongly suggest you give it a read. It is surprising how many celebrities, actors, politicians and musicians take this route in establishing their social media fame. As we have suggested very strongly in the past social media is about one thing, being social. Connecting with individuals. We are somehow going back in time where customer service is probably more important that the service/product a company sells.

Social responsibility is a must moving forward for any company. Now for those who want to instantly build your social footprint, without building relationships the infographic below will help you get there. For those who want to build their relationships, please find out more information about what we do at BHIVE, here.


People want to focus back on people, the relationship. Connect, build a relationship. Many in the corporate world are still stuck on the immediate gratification, which for many in a B2C world may still be true but changing very fast as the market is slowly paying attention to smaller companies who are more socially responsible with their profits, such as Rumble - an meal replacement drink based out of Victoria, BC which gives back a portion of their profits to end hunger. Two things to take away from this piece: Relationships matter more than ever and be socially responsible. Here are BHIVE we have donated a part of revenues and efforts in raising awareness of the bee crisis.