Ads no longer connect with clients the way social media does. The fact that you are reading this is testament.
This is the new billboard.

Please stop wasting precious ad/marketing budgets on promotional stupidities that end up in the trash.
Recently I came across these cute calendar magnets on the floor below our mailboxes. What a waste!

Would a magnet calendar with a pretty girl have you jump for the next dental appointment? Or a bill board for that matter? Some may argue that it would? But really, do you think so? I blame the owner of the company, not the office manager. Old school way of thinking. Just doesn't make sense. But I will argue, that the market eventually does correct itself and so will it correct the minds of people who are foolishly spending their precious ad dollars.

My message to them: You are throwing money in the garbage and sooner or later you will figure it out.

Here is an interesting article cyberbuzz, which compares the ROI (Return On Investment) of a Times Square Billboard ad and a Twitter account for our more business saavy readers.

If you are an entrepreneur, run a business (small or large), or if business development/pr are part of your responsibilities, I hear helps companies and individuals connect with people directly.

Spread the word. #saveyouraddollars #advertisingisdead