Since the inception of BHIVE, we have been testing a number of different social media outlets. We must report that Facebook is the least favourite for any business looking to connect and engage with their target audience. If you are considering using Facebook for your business, here are three reasons why you should reconsider:

1. Facebook double dings you. First to grow your page and then again to "boost" your message to those you already paid to "like" your page.

2. Little or no engagement. If you are looking to engage people on Facebook, you have to trust Facebook's targeting methods, which you don't know who will see your ad.

3. Chances are the Facebook runs a like farm of their own to justify your investment. I mean, if you look at who is liking you, they are no different than the ones you can buy from "Buy Facebook Like" type websites. Do we have proof? The videos below makes some pretty strong suggestions to that same fact. Facebook fraud? Maybe, but we couldn't say that and risk a lawsuit now. #lol

Here are some great videos on the subject, thanks to Jeff from Booooom.

We believe Facebook is a great tool to stay in contact with your family and close circle of friends.

The End of Facebook for Business

Facebook has become the new "my space" blogging page, but there is very little room for businesses looking to engage with customers or potential customers. This is the reason we strongly suggest using alternative tools like Twitter and LinkedIn for social engagements, even Instagram and/or Pinterest - depending on the nature of your business, we have packages starting from $83/month, you can't go wrong. If you would like to discuss what the best social media strategy is for your business, feel free to contact us for a free no obligation consultation.