As a small or medium-sized business (SMB), you wonder how Twitter can help you. You wonder if your efforts on this social network will lead to positive business results.

You can stop wondering.

SMBs are feeling the love on Twitter, and we've uncovered some exciting information that will help you understand the value.

A new survey conducted in May, 2013 by Market Probe International suggests that Twitter users are loyal patrons who will help drive sales and enhance your reputation. Here are some takeaways from the survey:

Followers Turn Into Customers

SMB Twitter followers are more inclined to, not only purchase from a SMB, but recommend them to others. Of the US and UK followers who were polled, 73 % say they follow SMBs to receive updates on future products. These products then have a good chance of being researched and purchased.


Followers Turn Into Online Advertisers

The study suggests that 30 % of SMB Twitter followers are more likely to recommend. These recommendations drive traffic to your profile and website, which can significantly boost sales.

Followers are Loyal

Fans of SMBs on Twitter have an emotional connection for the brand and want to show their support. Of the respondents polled, 85% feel more connected to a SMB after they follow them.

Your audience wants to hear from you and interact with you on Twitter. It's up to you to initiate these connections that will help take your business to the next level.

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