A recent study conducted by Domo and CEO.com concludes that the heads of large Fortune 500 firms are starting to recognize the benefits of particular social media networks. Joining the likes of Oprah, Rupert Murdoch, Richard Branson and Mark Cuban, CEOs of North America's biggest companies are logging on to Twitter and LinkedIn more, but aren't yet so keen about Facebook or Google Plus, according to the new research.

With a 55.6% net increase in active tweets, Twitter is slowly gaining CEO interest. The rise in accounts isn't huge, with just 12 using their accounts within the last year (with a total of 28 Fortune 500 CEOs now on the network), but it's progress! Another network seeing more top leader activity is LinkedIn, with a total of 140 CEO-owned LinkedIn accounts, up 8.5% from a year ago. Facebook, meanwhile, is on the decline among top companies, losing three CEO's in the past year. Google Plus is hardly seeing activity from the top CEO's with just four out of the top 500 holding accounts.

CEOs of North America's top companies recognize the value of social media, and as long as they focus on the value of the content they're sharing, can have the opportunity to influence followers even more online than they are off. Are you following any top business leaders on Twitter?