Social media is the future of marketing. 85% of businesses who partake in social media have reported an increase in market exposure and yet 30% of businesses do not utilize social media fully because they lack professional employees in the field. To employ social media proactively requires skillful use of information but also an acute awareness in appropriately applying said information. For example, Tweets with 100 characters receive higher engagement rates than longer Tweets, and most information traffic occurs between 1pm to 4pm EST. The infographic below details many aspects of the social media arena that would be helpful to businesses, clients, and consumers in general.

University of Florida Online Masters in Social Media



What does this tell us? It not only relates to us the forms that marketing can currently incorporate but also more importantly provides a glimpse into the type of social media marketing that future businesses must incorporate. Twitter is the fastest growing social network on the planet and for businesses Twitter is becoming more relevant than ever. Twitter’s ‘open platform’ allows cheap promotion, higher engagement rates via condensed messaging, boundless social reach, and provides without doubt the best conversational platform for businesses today.