The advantage we have with social media, especially Twitter, is the ability to openly listen to other conversations and engage with them as well as connect with individuals having similar interests. Through our research we have found many limitations to Facebook. While a great tool, it limits your ability to connect with people, unless they are on your fan page. Facebook is a good solution for large companies with large budgets, and while we find that Facebook is indeed useful, we still see Twitter as one of the very few “true” social media platforms out there -- where, essentially, you can connect with just about anyone.

We hope that Twitter doesn’t change following its IPO, and that you can still scan conversation topics and select users you wish to participate with after it happens. This is the reason social conversations for the Oscars or Superbowl tend to be more dynamic on Twitter than on Facebook. While conversations still happen on Facebook, they occur on personal account pages or company pages and unless you follow or are friends with the person/fan page, chances are you won’t see the conversation. If we were to use the analogy of a networking event, Twitter is like a big open room where everyone is welcome, while Facebook has many rooms -- some with locked doors -- that you first have to enter before you can participate in conversations. While we still offer custom audience, moderation, and content services for Facebook, we find that clients get more bang for their buck with Twitter and Linkedin, up to 9 times more leads! Forrester Research on the other hand confirmed that Twitter followers are more likely than Facebook fans to buy from brands they follow. Twitter 37% Facebook 21% and also more likely to recommend brands to friends (33% vs. 21%) Studies and statistics speak volumes. Spend your ad dollars wisely :)