Hi, please fill out the information below.

Yes, this is not a joke or switch and bait promo.  We will customize 3-4 weekly posts on your favorite team, interest, and/or local news.  We will show you how you can share your content from your Twitter page on Facebook as well. 

Someone will be in contact with you and discuss with you content options available that we can post on your behalf. 

There is absolutely no obligation to purchase as someone will contact you to discuss a content posting strategy that will work for you. 

This is part of a research study we are conducting for future software development as we now enter the world of content automation. The technology is here, we are looking to make it more affordable for entrepreneurs and small business owners. No catch. No BS. This promotion is for a limited number of participants and we guarantee never to increase this fee.

From everyone here, Thank you and talk to you soon.

BHIVE Social Media Labs

PS. Due to high demand, we ask if you can give us up to 1-2 business days to reach you. We reserve the right to decline service. No adult, gambling or pharmaceutical businesses, please.  For information on a related project watch our clip below.

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