Where your audience can depend on their age and gender, as well as your offerings. There are plenty of statistics that break down social media sites by demographics. Flowtown has a great infographic on social media demographics on their site.  No one can afford to target everyone. Small businesses can effectively compete with large companies by targeting a niche market.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about the Yanomamo in the Amazon rainforest or friends at a barbecue in Grimsby, Ontario. Anywhere people gather around fires, they’re going to tell stories. If your social-media engagement is reactive rather than proactive, it’s time to step back, take a deep breath and develop a content strategy that will engage your community.

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If you’re a plastic surgeon and you’re putting out some great content about “rhinoplasty” but everyone’s talking about “nose jobs” you’re not reaching anyone. Likewise, if the conversation is about “curb appeal” and you’re talking about “landscaping,” the conversation may pass you by. Moderating conversations not only includes engaging conversations but also involve a "listening" factor. What are people saying about you? It may be a good time to scan the airwaves, and if no one is talking about you, well maybe they should be.

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Training & Support

Social-media policies and guidelines provide your business a framework to carry out your social-media strategy and implement your social-media tactics. They can also have a direct impact on the success of your social-media endeavours. You may already have someone in house already taking care of this, but do they need support, maybe a little more direction. We can help.

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We build virtual communities, get the most from Google, Twitter and Facebook.


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If you haven't spoken to a Brand Manager, maybe its time.  Its easier than you think.


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Everyone has one to tell. What is yours? Think of your brand or lets discover yours.


ROI research from Twitter

Facebook vs. Twitter


While we still offer custom audience, moderation, and content services for Facebook, we find that clients get more bang for their buck with Twitter and Linkedin, up to 9 times more leads!  Forrester Research on the other hand confirmed that Twitter followers are more likely than Facebook fans to buy from brands they follow.  Twitter 37% Facebook 21% and also more likely to recommend brands to friends (33% vs. 21%)  Studies and statistics speak volumes.  Read more here.